What we plan to offer

ZeroPA will offer small loans of £50-£1000 interest free over 1 to 52 weeks.

It will operate through peer to peer lending, as an alternative to pay day lending.

Imagine you had to borrow £20 to buy new a new pair of shoes for your son or daughter, and then you had to pay back over £100 in interest and fees.

Imagine never actually being able to repay the original debt, even though you had paid back the original loan amount many times in interest!

This is everyday life for so many people across the country who have to rely on payday lenders or illegal back-street lender just to get by. Their lives may be hectic, their money skills lacking, but they still deserve a helping hand.

We can put an end to this misery.

ZeroPA will help people to get their lives back on track. With ZeroPA you could borrow £50-£1000 interest free (yes, 0% per annum!) and have up to a year to pay it back.

You may think that is crazy to lend without interest but many societies and cultures throughout the world save and lend in groups without interest. It can’t be right that those most in need end up being trapped in a vicious spiral of debt and interest.

How does ZeroPA work?

I want to bring together those willing to lend a few pounds without interest, to those that just need a little help.

For example, if Charlie could spare £20 for ZeroPA, this £20 could be split into ten smaller loans. This spreads the risk for Charlie and other supporters. Just ten people like Charlie and we would have £200 to lend out.

ZeroPA could then lend Wendy, who needs to buy some shoes for her daughter, £20 completely interest free.

Wendy can pay back the £20, at £1 a week, without any interest. 5 months later she will have paid off the debt and Charlie will have his money back in full, knowing he’s played his part in helping someone get back on their feet.

In the meantime, ZeroPA will signpost Wendy to credit unions and Citizens Advice Bureaux. We’ll help Wendy to get back in control of her finances so that she can hold her head up high once again.

Together we can offer a fairer sustainable option to people like Wendy who need our help NOW.

Please support ZeroPA.

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